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The Board consists of nine members, four of whom including the Chairman, are appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The remaining five are elected by registered coconut growers and must themselves be registered coconut growers or the Managing Directors or managers of companies which are registered coconut growers.

Coconut IndustryBoard and Coconut Windstorm Insurance Fund 2017
Audited Accounts
Organizational Chart


The Board comprises the following members:

• Mr. Christopher Gentles – Chairman
• Mr. Stephen Black
• Mr. Homer Davis
• Dr. Charles Douglas
• Mrs. Sandra Ennis
• Mr. Hugh Gentles
• Mr. Granville E. Marsh
• Hon. Frank M. Phipps, Q.C, O.J
• Hon. Alaric A. Pottinger, C.D


• Miss Yvonne Burns – General Manager
• Mrs. Alison Chung-Campbell – Corporate Secretary